Please follow the below link for moving the BizTalk 360 database from one instance to another instance

For Moving the BizTalk 360 database along with the BizTalk 360 application :- Please proceed the following steps

1. Deactivate the license,If it's an manual deactivation,you can find our link for information.

2. Move the BizTalk 360 database as mentioned in the link.

3. Uninstall BizTalk360.

4. Reinstall BizTalk360 (with new Database name example: BizTalk360new) in the new machine where you want to move application

5. Delete the new Database. 

6. Rename the Old Database with new Database name.

 old DB name: BizTalk360 and 

 new DB name:BizTalk360new,( Delete the new Database and change the old database name as old =BizTalk360new.) 

So that you can use the old Database without loosing any data.

Note:  please ensure if BizTalk360 is installed in multi-server, upgrade BizTalk360 Monitoring services in all the machines without fail.