Say your scenario might be due to some reason  BizTalk 360 server needs to be shut down and have to migrate BizTalk 360 database to new server and you need all your KB article,alarms & alarm mapping to be restored the same ,what could be the steps you can follow to achieve this?

Explanation : The first thing you have to know is that our BizTalk 360 license has combined with SQL server name,so when you change the SQL server from one server to another server,please de-activate the licenses provided and activate it again once after moving to another SQL server

When BizTalk 360 DB should needs to be on another server,Please find the instructions what needs to be changed in regards to BizTalk360 DB server configuration to point to a new SQL instance.

For changing the BizTalk360 DB SQL instance,we need to change in two Locations 

  1. BizTalk 360 installation Folder (web)
  2. installation Folder(Monitoring Service) installation Folder (Analytics service) if they have installed with analytics

Web Folder:-


Please navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Web (according to your installation location) ,


 1.Click on the web config file

  2.Change the connection string for new SQL instance details in this particular line of code 

  3.Changing the connection string for new SQL instance has to be done for both Monitoring Service config files & Analytics service Config files(analytics's- if installed)