Release Date: 11 December, 2014

Table of Contents

This is a patch release for Version 7.8 that addresses mostly bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bug Fixes

Reported Issue Comments/Fix Provided Section in BizTalk360
Time mismatch in the application when compared to BizTalk Admin Console In the previous versions, users were able to see a time difference in the application when compared to the admin console. This issue is now fixed and the time that is displayed will be the same as in the BizTalk admin console. Applications > Send Ports
Applications > Receive Locations
Advanced Event Viewer
Alert email notifications not sent after the first time In the previous versions, users were not able to copy the error messages and exceptions that were displayed in the page. This issue is now fixed and users can copy the error messages that are displayed in the page. Across the application
Ability to copy error messages In the previous versions, when the “Limit number of alerts per violation” is set to 1, and the “Notify when things become normal” check box is not selected, the email notifications were sent only for the first time. Whenever the violation occurred the subsequent time(s), the notifications were not sent as expected. The notifications would only be sent after doing a force reset of notification count. This issue is fixed and notifications will be sent whenever there is a threshold violation in the environment. Monitoring & Notification
Unable to edit user access policy When users migrated to v7.8 from either v7.2 or v7.5, there were not able to edit the user access policy for a specific user. Also, during the upgrade process, the custom SQL queries information will get added automatically into the database. Since the migration to v7.8 did not happen as expected, the custom SQL queries information was also not updated in the latest version. These issues are fixed in this version and user will be able to edit the user access policy information and custom SQL queries get migrated as expected. User Access Policy
Custom SQL Queries
BRE Exception in Applications page When BRE is not configured in the environment, users were able to see the exception “System.Exception: Looks like Business Rules Engine is not configured for this environment” message under the Applications page. This issue is fixed and the exception message appears only when the BRE page is accessed. Monitoring & Notifications > BizTalk Environment > Host Instances
Monitoring dashboard moving after every refresh After every refresh (60 seconds), when the monitoring dashboard refreshes, the dashboard moves 1 pixel to the right as well as 1 pixel downward. This is because of an unwanted resize service call (w.r.t. zoom in and zoom out) that was executing during every resize cycle. This issue is fixed and the dashboard no longer moves after every refresh cycle. Monitoring & Notifications > Monitoring Dashboard
Cosmetic Issues The word BizTalk was misspelt as Biztalk. This is now fixed to read as “BizTalk”. Platform Settings
Messed up toolbar in the Knowledge Base page In the Knowledge Base page, the text and the images of the toolbar are messed up. This issue is fixed and the toolbar information renders as expected. Knowledge Base
License text wrapping issue In the left menu, when the license name is very long, say, Enterprise Subscription, the word wrapping was not working as expected and the word “subscription” moved to the next line to overlap with the next section. This issue is fixed and the word wrapping works as expected. Across the entire application
Grid re-size issue The grid re-size control was not working as expected in IE 10 and users were not able to re-size the grid columns. This issue is fixed and the grid re-size works as expected. Message Box (Queries
Query Builder – Execute Query
Service Name column
Not all adapter properties displayed In the WCF adapter properties, only the updated property information was visible to the users. This issue is fixed and all the properties, including the default ones are displayed for the WCF adapters. Adapters
Unable to click on GroupBy when application name and/or service name is empty When the application name/service name is clicked in the “Group By” results section, users were unable to perform the operation. This issue is fixed and currently users can be able to click on the Group By results and view the information. Message Box (Queries)

Performance Improvements

Issue Issue Description Module and Section in BizTalk360
Unresponsive Script error When a BizTalk application has many send ports and receive ports (locations), the application was throwing an “Unresponsive Script Error” error message when the user tried to configure monitoring for the application. This performance issue is now fixed and the error message no longer appears when there are many receive ports and send ports for an application. Monitoring & Notification > Applications
Slow performance while searching for artifacts information When searching for artifacts, if there were lots of application artifacts in the environment, the application took too much time to list the artifacts. This issue is now fixed and we have rewritten the existing API calls to make direct database calls and retrieve the information. Also when we search for the artifact information, the information is fetched on an on-demand basis (when the properties icon is clicked). Search Artifacts