The following are supported in BizTalk360 for ESB exception messages resubmission. 

  • For SOAP and WCF on ramp, Text/HTML and Text/XML resubmit is supported
  • For HTTP receive location, Text/Plain and Text/XML resubmit is supported

In BizTalk360, the HTTP Receive Location use WCF On ramp URL for message resubmission. In case if you want to resubmit the messages  using HTTPs instead of using HTTP protocol for security purpose,you need to change the client binding in Web.config file.

To configure BizTalk360 to resubmit the messages using Https,follow the steps below:
  1. open Web.config from <your BizTalk360 installation directory>\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Web.
  2. Change the security mode to "Transport" for wsHttpBinding tag.