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BizTalk360 allows users to filter tracked message events based on the context promoted properties that are associated with the message schema. Users have the ability to visualize and filter the tracked promoted properties. You need to enable enable message body and message property tracking.

Viewing The Tracked Promoted Properties In BizTalk360

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. Click the 'Operations' tab in the Navigation panel
  3. Click the expand button against 'Data Access' and select the 'Graphical Flow (Tracking)'
  4. Select Tracked Message Events from the 'Select Query' drop down
  5. Click Add Filter
  6. Select Schema Name from the drop down. Select the Message Schema that contains the promoted properties from the list.
  7. Click Add Filter. You will notice the promoted properties in the drop down after 'URI'
  8. Select the context property based on which you want to filter out the message events

Click the sliders to view the process of seeing the promoted context properties in BizTalk360 UI.

biztalk360 data access window graphical flow tracking query results window graphical flow tracking build query expression graphical flow tracking schema name execute new query for graphical flow tracking message schema containing the promoted properties Viewing The Tracked Promoted Properties In BizTalk360

Setting Up Tracking Data Monitor Based On Context Promoted Properties

BizTalk360 also allows users to set up tracking data monitor based on the promoted properties. Click here to know more about tracking data monitoring in BizTalk360. Users can set up a tracking data monitor based on a specific promoted property value (such as Invoice Number, and so on) and get notified when the count exceeds the warning/error threshold value. This saves the time for the administrators/support persons as they no longer have to manually look out for message events with the specific promoted property value. They can get notified by the system automatically at the preferred time with the count of message events with the specific promoted property value through their choice of notification channels (email/SMS).

  1. Log in to BizTalk360 (as a Super user)
  2. Click Monitoring tab in the navigation panel
  3. If you haven't created a data monitoring alarm, Create a Data Monitor Alarm. Follow the steps as shown in the article to create a data monitor alarm. 
  4. Once you have created an alarm, select Data Monitoring 
  5. Select Tracking Data tab in the Alarms - Data Monitoring screen
  6. Click Add New to create a new tracking data monitor
  7. Enter the details in the fields as appropriate. Refer this article to understand about each field in the tracking data monitor creation page.
  8. In the Set Data Filter section, select Tracked Message Events in the Query Type drop down
  9. Click Add a Filter
  10. Select the Schema Name option from the drop down and select the schema that contains the promoted properties
  11. Once the schema (containing tracked promoted properties) is selected, the query type drop down will list the tracked context promoted properties
  12. Select the promoted property of your choice (say, Invoice Number) and enter the value in the space provided
  13. Fill up the information in rest of the sections
  14. Click Save & Close to save and close the data monitor
  15. When the monitoring service executes (at the specified time interval), the monitoring dashboard will display the status of the tracking data monitor

Click the sliders to view the process of creating a tracking data monitor with the context promoted properties filter.

biztalk data monitoring window biztalk360 data monitoring alarms tracking biztalk data data monitoring alarms dashboard sample tracking data