Due to various business requirements, there may be occasions where you need to delete an environment or even decommission a server. In this scenario, before deleting an environment/decommissioning the server, please keep in mind that you MUST deactivate the active license(s). Failing to deactivate the license(s) will mean that you will not be able to use the same license on a different Production or Non Production environment. You will see an error message as "There is already an active license for this order number/license code. Please deactivate the current license". 

In this case, when you reach out to our Licensing team, the deactivation/activation will be done free of cost for the first time. However, in future, if there is a request from the same company for the same problem, an admin fee of USD 100 will be applicable on each occasion to perform the manual deactivation/activation process by the BizTalk360 Admin team.