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The activities time window defines the time frame for how long the BAM data will reside in the active BAMPrimaryImport database. When the BAM activity is created and deployed, by default it will have an activity time window of 6 months. You can refer to the article BAM Production Environment management to understand the importance of activity time window.

Normally, users will be able to see the activity time window information only by using the command line BAM management tool bm.exe and passing the right set of arguments. BizTalk360 makes this process simpler and seamless by bringing the information right into the integrated BAM portal screen (under the Activity Time Window tab).

Steps To View The Activities Time Window

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click the 'Operations' tab in the navigation panel
  3. Click the expand button against 'Data Access' tab and select 'Business Activity Monitoring' link
  4. In the BAM Portal page, click on the BAM View Name
  5. Currently, BizTalk360 displays only the Activity which are created under a View in BAM and allows users to perform actions only on the Activity that are created under a View.
  6. Click the Activities Time Window tab to view the activity time window information. Generally the default value will be 6 months.

Click the sliders to view the process of seeing the activity time window information.

sample biztalk360 bam view biztalk360 bam activities time window