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The first step in the alarm import process is to select the already exported zip file containing the alarms and associated monitoring information. Click here to read the steps involved in exporting an alarm.

Let's take a deep dive into the file selection screen.

  1. Navigation Menu - This menu displays the current step that is visible to the user
  2. Select Files - Click the Select Files button to select the exported zip file containing the alarms and its associated monitoring information.
    You can select only one zip file at a time. When you select multiple zip files, only the last valid zip file will be considered for the import process.
    You can only upload valid zip files containing alarm information. When you try to upload an invalid file, BizTalk360 will display an error message as "The selected Zip file contents are not valid. Please select a valid Zip file to import!"
  3. Drag file here to upload - You can also drag the exported zip file containing the alarm information from the appropriate folder into the Select File screen
  4. Cancel Import - Cancel's the import operation. The system will prompt "Are you sure you want to cancel Import process?". Click Yes to cancel the alarm import process. You will be redirected to the manage alarms page. Click No to continue the alarm import process
  5. General guideline - All the screens in the alarm import process will have this general guideline section. This will provide information about the operations that can be performed in the current screen
  6. Next - Click Next to proceed to the next step of alarm import process
    By default, when you select the exported file, if the contents of the file are valid, the system will automatically take you to the second step of the alarm import process.
    If you click Next without selecting any (zip) file, you will see a warning message as "Select a Zip file to import!"