The refactor feature of BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in is very similar to the reflector feature as it creates simple reports with a circular reference with other artifacts. The refactor reports provide the following information:

  • Which artifacts are using the current artifact
  • What are the other artifacts the current artifacts is using
  • Some general information such as the complexity, persistent point, error handling in orchestrations, and so on

Generating The Refactor Reports

Follow the steps as shown below to generate the refactor reports using BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in:

  1. Once the BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in has been installed, open Visual Studio. You will notice the NoS Add-in icons in the solution explorer section.
  2. Right click the artifact name and select "Refactor" under "BizTalk NoS Reporting"
  3. After a few seconds, the refactor report will get generated as shown in the below screenshot
Please note that you need to make the appropriate settings in the BizTalk NoS Ultimate Settings screen in order for the reflector reports to work as expected.

Click the sliders to view the process of generating the refactor reports using BizTalk NoS Ultimate add-in.