View the latest version.Version 8.0

The BAM databases screen displays the list of BAM databases for that particular environment and some properties of the database such as data file size, log file size and so on. The BAM databases information will be useful to the BizTalk Administrator to get an insight into the database information. From a monitoring perspective, it is important to keep an eye on the size of database data and log files. BizTalk360 eases this process by displaying them on the home screen under BAM Databases tab.

Viewing The BAM Databases Information

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Business Activity Monitoring' in the Menu panel on the left side of the screen
  3. In the BAM Portal page, click on the BAM Databases tab
  4. The BAM databases section displays the following information:
  • Database Name
  • Server Name
  • Instance Name
  • Auto Growth (Data)
  • Auto Growth (Log)
  • Data File Size (MB)
  • Log File Size (MB)

Click the sliders to view the process of seeing the BAM database information.