Every install of BizTalk360 is made available as a 14-day Free Trial version. You can evaluate the application to understand the features, but if you wish to continue using BizTalk360 after 14 days, you need a fresh license key to continue using the application.

Whether you are configuring multiple environments with single instance of BizTalk360 or installing multiple instances of BizTalk360 for each environment, you need one license per environment.

To request for a new license key, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ page from the BizTalk360 Dashboard page
  2. Click ‘Environments/Licenses’ from the left menu
  3. Select the check box against the environment name and click ‘License’ button
  4. Enter your Company Name, Environment Type
  5. Click ‘Generate License Request’. You will notice the generated request information getting filled up in the space below.
  6. Copy the generated license request information and email it to license@biztalk360.com
  7. Once you receive the new license key from the BizTalk360 Sales team, navigate back to ‘Environments/Licenses’ section.
  8. Select the check box against the environment name and click ‘Edit
  9. In the ‘License Key’ field, replace the trial license key with the new license key
  10. Click ‘Test Connection’ to validate the license information
  11. Click ‘OK’ to save the license information. You can now notice that the license type information will display the valid type depending on your request.
  12. You need to refresh the browser (clear cache) for the changes to take effect

Click the sliders to view the complete license update process.

2014-09-01_1420.png 2014-09-02_0943.png