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BizTalk360 provides a self service knowledge base functionality that allows support people to create knowledge base articles (KB articles) for the issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis. In real time, support people are more concerned about the 'Suspended service instances' and the reason why it moved to the suspended state. Even though the error information is readily available, the support person may/may not be able to identify the problem and a solution. When the solution is found and the problem is solved, BizTalk360 allows the administrator to create a knowledge base article on the workaround for the problem. This will help them/other support people when they encounter the same problem in future. This is a value added service provided in BizTalk360 that will make the life of the support persons easy. 

In BizTalk360, KB articles can be created for the following sections:

  • Service Instance error codes
  • Event Id's in the Advanced Event Viewer
  • ESB Exception messages
  • Throttling Data

Check out the Service Instances knowledge base section to understand the process of creating KB articles for service instance error codes.

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