View the latest version.Version 8.0

BizTalk360 provides a graphical view of the message flow in BizTalk server. The viewer shows the entire flow of the message from when it entered the BizTalk server to the point when it left the BizTalk server environment. This helps the support person to greatly reduce the time taken to diagnose issues and helps to get a better understanding of how the application is designed. Click here to read more about Graphical message flow viewer.

Follow the steps as shown below to view the graphical flow of tracking information:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Graphical Flow (Tracking)' in the Menu panel on the left side of the screen
  3. Select the query as Tracked Service Instances from the drop down and appropriate filter criteria (if any), and click Execute Query
  4. In the Query Results section, click the link under the Service column (service instance name). This will pop open a new tab with the name "Message Flow".
  5. The Message Flow tab will display the graphical view of the message flow in the BizTalk server.
  6. Click the nodes to expand the message flow. The message flow is indicated by an arrow mark between the nodes.

The Message Flow tab will display the Message Properties, Context, and Content information. If you do not see any information in the Message Context and Message Content sections, it could either be that you do not have the permissions to view the message context/content information or the message is not tracked.

BizTalk360 allows the users to open up to 4 tabs at a time to execute multiple queries. To open a new tab, click the + button. To close the tabs individually, click the * button next to the tab name. To close all the tabs in one click, click the X button next to the + button.

Click the sliders to see the process of viewing the graphical flow of information.