In various places in BizTalk360, especially in the areas where you are querying for some results (ex: Message Box Queries, Tracking Data Queries, Advanced Event Viewer Queries etc) you'll see the option to select "Max Matches" from a drop down combo box. By default you'll see the values 10,25,50 and 100.

In some cases you may wanted to have higher or some custom number in these combo boxes. BizTalk360 give you the option to customise it by updating the properties table in the database.

Open SQL Management Studio and update the b360_admin_GlobalProperties table as shown below.

Settings Value: 10,25,50,100, 150, 200

BizTalk360 is a web based application and it's not recommended to pull a large dataset from the server. Keep the list to realistic number, else you'll see time out exceptions, response data serialization maximum objects exceptions etc.