BizTalk360 Application slowness

We have received feedback from customers where they are facing slowness while accessing BizTalk360.

We are continuously thriving to implement the valuable feedback from our customers. One such improvement is coming in our upcoming version V8.8. 

Pagination is a new implementation we have provided across the application, which improves the usability and avoids performance lags.

There may be various reasons why the application goes slow and following are the recommendations from our side.

1. One of the main reasons could be huge data population. This causes queries to fetch the data, taking a relatively long time. This can be avoided by configuring proper purge/clean up jobs in both BizTalk360 & BizTalk Server databases.

Example: When the tracking database has 8 million records, BizTalk360 will take more than the usual time to fetch the result and that leads to timeout exceptions in i.e. Process monitoring.

2. Sometimes, clearing the cookies and cache may improve the performance of the application.

3. Many times, if the browser is old, the application would go slow down. We recommend to always update to the latest version of your browser.

4. We recommend configuring the necessary sources in the advanced event viewer settings page. BizTalk360 will be shipped with default sources configured. This can be customized based on the business requirements. Check below article on how to configure Event Logs and Event Log sources for the advanced event viewer:

5. There are possibilities that free space in the database, consumes a lot of disk space. To release and shrink the database follow the below steps,

In the SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the BizTalk360 database name and select Tasks > Shrink > Files

In the SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the BizTalk360 database name and select Tasks > Shrink > Files -> Select File Type as "Data"

Followed by, select File Type as "Log"

Once after releasing the space, please restart the BizTalk360 monitoring service.

6. Sometimes a browser by itself accumulates more memory. Extensions which we use in the browser will run in the background along with the services, which accumulate more memory and makes the UI slow. To overcome this problem use the necessary extensions or not use any extensions for the particular browser where you mainly use BizTalk360.

7. Network transaction and environment architecture, based on the network transaction and complex environment architecture the UI might get slow to respond.

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