Using BizTalk360 to perform some action via a Powershell script

Issue at Hand

BizTalk360 is raising the alert for some threshold alarm, but customer would like some action to be performed via the Powershell script.

Powershell Custom Notification Channel in BizTalk360

With the custom notification channel, it’s very easy to send alerts to external systems like your ticketing system, internal databases, calling a REST endpoint, executing a PowerShell script etc. We do have this article which also has code for building a File Notification channel.

But now as few customers have asked how to integrate BizTalk360 with running a Powershell script, we have provided another GitHub DLL to help you and use the steps from the above article to link it with BizTalk360.

1.  Kindly extract the folder from Github
2.  Please follow the above article to create New  Custom Notification Channel

3.  During the configuration, provide the path along with the file name where the  PowerShell script is present.

4. In  the alarm enable the PowerShell notifications channel (No need to provide the  path once again, unless you wish to override the script provided in the settings page)

Whenever the violation appears, it will trigger the notification channel  and it will hit the PowerShell script. 

Here in the sample PowerShell  script, we have included some basic code to restart the BizTalk360 analytics service, but you can include more complex code to perform any actions via a Powershell script.


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