Getting BizTalk360 to run a BHM Monitoring profile.

Issue at Hand.
He wanted to specify or change the BHM Monitoring Profile that BizTalk360 should use.

Monitoring Profile in BHM
A Monitoring profile is in fact a BHM profile, but configured specifically to execute a short selection of critical BHM queries/rules and custom rules checking the state of given ports, orchestrations, host instances, queues and BizTalk databases sizes, and raise critical warnings detected in a log.

Current Working of BizTalk360 integrated BHM
The BizTalk360 product integrates with BHM, but currently has the limitation that you cannot specify a profile that is stored in BHM which should be scheduled and run at those specific times.

Solution Work-Around
You can create and select those rules you wish to run as shown below in the screenshot. Then save the Profile. This will automatically save a copy in the folder - C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\BizTalkHealthMonitor with the name MBVSETTINGS_<ProfileName>.xml


Then all you need to do is copy this XML file and paste it in the BizTalk360 folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service, delete the existing MBVSETTINGS.xml and rename the copied file to MBVSETTINGS.xml

Then the next time you hit -> Run BHM now, or BizTalk360 scheduled runs for BHM, BizTalk360 will pick that profile and run the rules for it.

Hope you found this workaround helpful.

Thanks to Joost for his help in the investigation.

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