Database monitoring - ability to alert after the insert of a record(s) in to a given table

This can be achieved by using BizTalk360 Database Monitoring.

You need to ensure that you have 1 column for timestamp in your database and then this is achievable.

1. Create a Threshold Alarm - Eg. -'Database Monitoring - Record insertion'

2. Go to Manage Mapping -> BizTalk Environment  -> Database Query. Here create a new Query and give required detailed like instance name, SQL Database name. You can use any database that the BT360 account has been given privileges to access.

3. Enter the below SQL Query in the SQL Query window

Make sure you use your timestamp column inplace of the [TimeStamp] 

You can change the duration of the last minutes you wish to monitor, Here I have selected last 15 minutes.

select count(*) from

[BizTalk360].[dbo].[b360_ev_EventLogData] where [TimeStamp] < GETDATE() and [TimeStamp] > DateADD(mi, -15, GETDATE())

But as the monitoring service runs every 60 seconds we can change the query to monitor every 60sec

select count(*) from
[BizTalk360].[dbo].[b360_ev_EventLogData] where [TimeStamp] < GETDATE() and [TimeStamp] > DateADD(ss, -60, GETDATE())

4. Now you have successfully setup monitoring for the Event Log data table in BT360 and when a new Event Log is inserted in the BT360 event Log table, you will get a notification.

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