Best Practice Installation for BizTalk360

Many customers often have this query on placement of the BizTalk360 database.  Is it good (or bad) practice to place this on the same server the actual BizTalk databases?  I’m asking mainly from the perspective of performance.

Our reply for this customer was as follows:

It would depend on the customers requirement and also depends a bit on the load of the BizTalk databases

But as BizTalk360 needs it its own database, it can be considered beneficial if its done on a standalone setup so that it doesn't affect the database of the BizTalk server and also upgrades can be done without the fear of anything affecting production environment. Also as you mentioned from performance point of view, it can be helpful but we also have many customers who have BizTalk360 on the same BizTalk server machine and have no issues.

If the environment is not very large scaled and the BizTalk databases are heavily used, than it might be better to move the 360 database to another instance. 

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