Could not perform the task action " Terminate/Resume/Suspend" in Data monitoring

When you are trying to terminate the messages for a specific application based on may be facing the below exception as follows:-


System.Exception: User does not have enough rights to access the BizTalkQueryService(service) and ExecuteServiceInstanceOperation(operation).

   at Kovai.BizTalk360.BusinessService.ApiSecurity.ApiSecurityHelper.ValidateApiOperationAuthorization(BizTalkEnvironmentSetting environment, BizTalkQueryServiceOperation operationName)

   at Kovai.BizTalk360.BusinessService.Main.BizTalkQueryBusinessService.ExecuteServiceInstanceOperation(ServiceInstances serviceInstances, ServiceInstanceOperation operation)

   at Kovai.BizTalk360.InfoTrack.ActivitiesImpl.ScheduledTask.DataMonitoring.DataMonitoringHelper.ExecuteMessageBoxQueriesAction(BizTalkEnvironmentSetting environment, String dataMonitorTaskName, Int32 activityId, Int32 dataMonitorTaskId, DataMonitorQuery dataMonitorQuery, Object queryResult) in C:\B360.Source\src\v8.1\Kovai.BizTalk360\Kovai.BizTalk360.InfoTrack\Kovai.BizTalk360.InfoTrack\ActivitiesImpl\ScheduledTask\DataMonitoring\DataMonitoringHelper.cs:line 1138


Suggestion: It might be a super user, but in order for data monitoring to resume/terminate suspended messages the Service Account which is running the pool must be a super user within BizTalk360.


As it's a sensitive area like resume/terminate suspended messages, the Service Account which is running the pool must be included a super user within BizTalk360, so that no other user can use the functionality of resume/terminate suspended messages.

This restriction has been added since version 8.0. If the service account is not added as super user in BizTalk360, then the task actions will not be performed and this exception will be thrown.

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