Alternative to windows failover cluster?

As topic, our BizTalk to sit on an active/active (nlb) windows cluster, we do have use of some adapters e.g. ftp that does not fit the profile. However, goal is to ensure the HA on those port without the use of windows failover cluster

My initial thought is to have windows service to ping the biztalk nodes, use wmi to start the receive port if one node is down.

With the introduction of BizTalk360, can somehow the combination of Monitoring Servers (Services) High Availability and auto healing to achieve the same result? or any workaround/tips/tricks?

This means a lot to us!

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in looking at the auto healing feature, is this something it can help us with this goal?

ok, further look into the product,I guess all I asking is if can achieve 'AtLeastOneActive' for none clustered host

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